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Loving the outdoors is what New Zealand is all about with it’s unique flora, fauna and scenery that tourists from all over the world are awe struck with. Are we the lucky ones living in such a beautiful country? The hundreds of caravaners and motor homers in this country is testament to how much we do love our country as they are the ones travelling the highways and byways.

Kākāpō Recovery Programme

The problem we have is that some of our native birds and animals have diminished in numbers so much that they are near extinction, do we as caring folk want that for our very small population of Kākāpō (approx. 150 birds)?

We have chosen to support the Kākāpō  Recovery Programme by adopting the kākāpō named Sinbad.  This is a very worthwhile programme run by the Department of Conservation and for further information please click on the link  There are beautiful pictures of Kākāpō in their native environments and you can even adopt a Kākāpō to sponsor!!!!

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