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Custom Designed Bed Linen for Caravans, Motor Homes and Boats

Welcome to R.V. Linen NZ Ltd, as seasoned caravaners we know the worst job you must do is "MAKE THE BED".

We have custom designed bedwear for caravans, motor homes and boats that have a permanent mattresses of all shapes and sizes.

Our sheets are made to measure with a base fitted sheet and a top semi fitted sheet with tuck in sides.

You may say "how have they made that work" well it does as proven by ourselves hence we have created ease of bed making for you in your RV.

Our 4 years working in top-notch holiday parks in Australia as Park managers gave us a great insight into the requirements of caravan and motorhome owners and again this has reflected into our design for the sheets and other bed ware to be developed as we go on with our new business. 

Kakapo Recovery Programme

Our marketing name "Kakapo Linen" reflects the donations we are making to support the Kākāpō Recovery Programme. Your purchase will help us to donate to this invaluable programme.

Wayne & Marilyn

Wayne & I have been an institution together for 35 years, we have brought up children, and now enjoy our grandchildren. We are in our mid 60’s and have had many memorable experiences both in NZ and overseas. We live in North Canterbury and love our town of Rangiora but have also lived in Kaiapoi, Woodend and the Pelorus Region in the Marlborough Sounds.

We seem to have always been involved with caravans, especially me when in the early 1960’s, before my family emigrated from UK (1965), my parents purchased a 24’ caravan in England that we spent weekends and school holidays at. Coming from a poor neighbourhood with no garden, this was the time of my life as a child to be able to run free instead of living in 3 rooms above a shop that my Dad worked in. I am sure you can see why I adore caravans.

Wayne is an outdoor man and has enjoyed hunting, fishing and boating over the years but is now happy to have his fish harvester, caravan and push bike when we go away. Wayne is a keen gardener and we grow 80% of our own veggies all year round, talk about self-sufficiency, he loves to prepare our preserved meats by making his own brine and has made a smoker out of a wine barrel, we are self-sufficient with bacon, ham, pickled pork, smoked sausages and smoked chicken, yummie!

We hope the bedwear we have designed make your caravanning and motor homing just that little bit easier when it comes to MAKING THE BED!!

Wayne Marilyn TeAmo

Wayne & Marilyn Te Amo